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Top Chef 2013 started yesterday night. Between the tests interrupted by new challenges and the eliminations massively…. The tone is announced!!!
Already after the elimination round of the realization of a dish from everyday products that we find in supermarkets distribution, Etienne, the young “chef from Marseille” couldn’t seize the opportunity to win the immunity. Because of his lack of valorization of daily products, he had to take back his things at him after one hour of the test….

The level looks very high among all the candidats….

For the second group of 8 candidats present on the market, it’s Adrien and Virginie who got the immunity thanks to challenge of Chef Marx and Ghislaine. The test of lettuce, Emilie didn’t work enough the lettuce… that’s why she will be penalized and go directly to the elimination… The last tests consist in the realization of 2 dishes while remaining pairs…. With the particularity of doing a dish of “trompe-l’oeil” style….. in light of illusion.

The first qualified are Quentin and Naoelle, with their cherries of foie gras (correctness, elegance, and the very good mastered of subject effected by Naoelle).

Then Fabien and Florent with their salads of papaye presented as the salad of carrot grated. Mission done!!!

And finally the profiteroles of Julien allow him and his team-made to be qualified for the competition Top Chef 2013….

And for you, who deserve the place of Top Chef ?
Who surprised you? Who has disappointed you? What dish intringues you?
Who is your preferred?
You can put your comments via our Facebook….


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