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Fifteen the best French chefs, driven by Alain Ducasse and Joel Robuchon introduced since Monday the Name to distinguish “the restaurants of the quality” those where, whatever the rate is, an enthusiast restaurant owner resists the industrial and is attracted by the “homemade” and hospitality…

The Chef opposes the « trader restaurant owners » to “artisan restaurant owner” and he wants they become “the activists of the quality”.

It could be the restaurants, inns, the bistros situated in the big towns as well as in the campaign. Vintage tag “like the one-time licences” will be placed in front of them.

What are the criteria to go into this “circle”? The owners of restaurants will have to do the proof of transparency as for the origin of the products and the ways of preparation in the place. It is needed one chef in the cooking room and “nobody who warms the plates of frozen food”.

The hospitality is as well very important. “There is too much restaurants in France and when you come in, the staff is sulking”, release the famous chef.

The initiative comes from the culinary Collège of France, that he co-chairs with Joel Robuchon and who account fifteen chefs of whom Paul Bocuse, Michel Guérard, Yannick Alléno, Gérald Passédat, Anne-Sophie Pic et Guy Savoy …

One word of the transparency in the cooking room!!!

The concept :

The candidate of the restaurant owner should send a file to the Collège who can accept or refuse the demand. Then he will keep his tag if he obtains minimum 75% of the satisfaction of the clients who can vote in the Internet as well as the approval of fifteen founders of Culinary Collège.

The clients can give their responses on the questions by the website : e.g. Did you receive a good welcome ? Or “Had you information on the origin of products ?”

This mobilization means: is the French cuisine in danger? “No, but it isn’t necessary to wait for the degradation” underline Alain Ducasse.


Affair to be followed…..

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