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Posted in Blog on 2 July 2013

H&R tested this institution in the heart of Paris and its cuisine contemporary of the chef with Michelin Star Alain Pegouret,
he problem in this type of restaurants is that there is a big choice of main dishes and the starters, which are the most appetizing each than the other ones,  so you know that you have to come again …

The card is evolved each season, Alain Pegouret creates thirty dishes every year.
He associates the dishes of the originality with the tastes, the colours and the cuisine, everything with delicacy and the lightness. Finding to give the light and colours to each dish, it’s a real treat for the eyes and the flavourous.
The pleasure to come at Laurent is not only the dishes of Alain Pégouret, it is also to find a team full of kindnesse and the professionalism directed by Philippe Bourguignon who proposes the impressive wine card.
The first, hunting lodge, then pub during the Révolution, the buiding was constructed in 1842 by German architect Jacques-Ignace Hittorff, so charched by the king Louis Philippe installed on Champs-Elysées. As for the name of the place, it is the third owner who gave his first name to this prestigious house in 1860.

In brief, the milieu glamorous which put magnificently in value the cuisine of Alain Pegouret.

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