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14 Chefs / 14 Establishments / 14 Portrais / 14 Stories…

- Biography :

The sketch which is done in the cooking room of restaurant in the full service, the ink and the journal paper, the paiting of oil and the watercolour. The big chefs of the cuisine who reinvent the Croq’, the scholar farmers, the meetings improbably, the ten of pages and the ten of drawings….. « J’ai croqué un Chef «  isn’t a real story but the characters  of this book resamble absolutely us.

- Description :
– « Aurélie has had this incredible talent to express with a pen and a brush in the universal language, like Gainsbourg, Sempé, Eiffel… always the exact trait, like an exact word, like an exact note…. The real colour, the noble feeling, simple and right….  ALAIN COHEN –
« After my star’s childhood in years 60, after being a waiter in years 70, architecte in years 80, the years 90 saw me to lend, almost by chance in the Halles de Rungis, then in the cuisines of big restaurants. «

- Favourite books:
J’ai croqué un chef/Editions Laymon/Distribution Glénat.

Released the 12 November 2012.

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