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H&R recruitment invites you to go to Sergent Recruteur, in the heart of Paris, the true culinary bridge between the style of Rive droite and gauche…

The Chef Antonin Bonnet puts in the stage the real cuisine of products without subtlety and based on the pleasure. The codes are those of the restaurant with three Michelin Strars, he offers a menu card blind, in the enigmatic and provocative titles….

The products of excellence ally to the perfect, creative and playful technique of this pupil of Michel Bras, a decoration imagines with the most fashionable designer of moment, Jaime Hayon….

A culinary experience based on the good, nice and simple….

In the dining room, Arnaud Lamboley, welcome with the suppleness, excellence, comfort and simplicity…. Side bar you can taste a Street Food, the magnificent lounge deprives perfectly in line with the dining room above.

The sympathetic chef sommelier (chef wine specialist) Alexandre Ceret offers the wine card with 350 references giving the big space of world wines….

In brief, a moment to share between your friends, your family or well with your lover….

Le Sergent Recruteur

41 rue saint louis en l isle

75004 Paris


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