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Just one step from Champs Elysées, in front of the hotel Princes de Galles, in avenue Georges V, in the 8th neighbourhood, H&R recruitment offered a new and luxurious stop….
Bravo for the magnificent decor signed by Marc Hertrich&Nicolas Adne, bravo especially to Frédéric Duca, talented student of Michel Del Burgo, Willer or Darroze, who lavish here the remarkable French gastronomy cuisine, of course with Michelin Star!!!

A beard of three days, around thirty, the chef admits has been always allowed carry by the meetings or the circumstances. The direction of his career in the long termes between Marseille where he was born and Paris which adopts him, demonstrated…..
What can we dinner at ex-habitant of Marseille? Priority the fishes, of course with which it maintains “of big affinities”, but not only…. For hors-d’oeuvre, gentle waking-up of taste buds, with the well known mastered of salmon way takiti (in the caviar imperial from France and green lemon peel, muslin of cabbage flower spring, sherbet cucumber).
We pursue the cruise with Blue Lobster cooked in mother of pearl, muslin of parsnips, pickling onions and lardons of ventrèche, juice of spices. Magnificent cuisine!!!
The sun lies down on the plates…. We arrive at the term of our walk, on the horizon of the digestion it is the hour of the dessert.
L’Instant d’Or holds the melody up to the end!! No false note!! The chocolate tart “Guanaja “, the crème brûlée “tainori” and freezes meringue praline…. magnificent simplement!!
In restaurant, Valéry Batacchi, director of restaurant coordinates with elegance and professionalism the service. She advises us the choice of agreement of dishes and wines.
One thing is sure:  here is the address that has not usurped his name… Bravo!!!

L’Instant d’Or
36, avenue Georges V
75008 Paris


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