About R&H recrutement

We are professionals recruitment in the field of hotels and restaurants. We know and understand your needs and how to identify your requirements in terms of efficiency.
— Less time in your recruiting!

We know the importance of responsiveness in this sector, that’s the reason why we engage our company in short deadlines of recruitments, in order to provide to your business very quickly, only qualified profiles with credentials and skills.

— Candidates for long term!

The candidates we recruit are those who will stay in your business. We are helping you to reduce your permanent changes in personal.

— Candidates who are more efficient and reliable !

We know how to identify those who work, who engage themselves in action, who are ambitious and demanding, who are motivated and progressing without asking the wrong questions. The ones who simply want to work and engage themselves in their own work.
— More flexibility!

We can adapt to your requirements, change profiles, compensation, setting gel positions, because of the change work schedules are common events for our clients. We’re used to manage people and we know how to adjust ourselves as required by the hotel and catering sector. And we want to make sure that this is only for increasing your benefits.
Because we know the best candidates in a tight market where good professionals are rare. We know where to surch for them and how to hire them, by providing quick answers to your recruitment’s problems.
Our research facilities are important, well organized and optimized. Ads, direct approach, between 3000 and 5000 new year coming professional candidates enrich our pool of employees.
Because the quality of our services will help you to gradually reduce your staff turnover. We bring you advice and a very pragmatic experience about the realities of the market. We do not set the bar too high, but we are more selective about the real issues that are important to go deep on the temperament of the candidates, take references, in order to suit perfectly to your business.
Because most of the time you are disappointed with recruitment agencies and therefore you’ll appreciate the professionalism of our consultants, our responsiveness, relevance of our valuation methods, the strength of sourcing means that we implement to find good candidates. This will change your mind, speeches and your approaches very obscure of recruitment firms supposedly specialized.